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  truskawki,strawberry,seedings,plants,sadzonki, / Łódź

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truskawki,strawberry,seedings,plants,sadzonki, / Łódź

Ogłoszenia Rośliny
Miasto: Łódź
Dodano: 4 Grudzień 2013 19:16
We started growing strawberries in year 1990

We own 100 hectare farm and specialize in growing dessert strawberries. Currently our farm grows one-crop varieties such as Honeoye, Kent, Elsanta, Marmolada and everbearing strawberries -Selva.

We bear strawberry fruits in accelerate term, traditional term and late term, from May until October. To gain very good quality of fruits, our plantation are mulched and irrigated. We also use planting mats which protect crops from soil and rain splashes. After picking by the hand, strawberries are stored in cold room.

Every year we gain Integrated Production Certificate from The State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service.

During the season we may offer strawberry fruits. Depends on the customers needs we use various packaging styles: 5 kg-plastic cases, 2 or 1 kg wooden carriers and 0,5 kg plastic punnets.
We grow our strawberry lairs on light, fertile soils. After 20 years of production we have high experience in using chemical treatments and improving our plantation by introducing new technologies, which allow us to get healthy strawberry plants.
We sell plants from our nursery in following terms:
- March to April – standard plants
- Spring to Summer - frigo plants (stored in cold room)
- Summer - potted plants
- after 15th of September – dug plants
Every year we buy qualified strawberry material (E2)
We are interested in extending our activity and cooperation by reproducing qualified plants based on client license.
If you are interested in our offer or have any further question please contact us by e-mail ……

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